Jelly Phaser
8 Stage Analog Phaser

Phaser is very expressive and beautiful effect. While it was very popular in 70-s - 80-s during 90-s it was unfairly forgotten. But during last years the phaser popularity grows very intensive.

Thanks to U-Sound customers who persistently asked for Phaser pedal the "Jelly Phaser" was born.

The depth of phase shifting is providing by 8 stages (instead 4 or 6 using by other manufacturers). Other special features of this pedal are: Gain and Volume controls, which make possible using send/return connection and use this pedal with keybords.

Instead traditional Input/Output there is another one Output for stereo connection and another one Input for expression pedal (sells separately).

True Bypass

Only very high quality components are used in Jelly Phaser.

It isn't noisy, compact and easy-to-use.

Jelly Phaser works only with external adapter 12V 300-500mA (sells separately)


  • Gain
  • Volume
  • Speed
  • Depth
  • Space
  • Mode switch 4/8 stage


  • Input Jack 6.35mm (1moHm input imedance)
  • Output A Jack 6.35mm (Mono Out A 10koHm)
  • Output B Jack 6.35mm (Out B Stereo Mod)
  • MAX Out Level +12db
  • Jack 6.35mm Input Expression Pedal
  • LFO 0.1-10HZ

Dimension: 115x90x40 mm
Weight: 570 g



This pedal is custom-made.

Terms of manufacturing and the price is discussed individually.